Stevia Nutra Corp

(702) 623-1807

FDA Approved
OTC Publicly Traded Company, Symbol STNT

Wholesale Hemp Grower

The Stevia Nutra Corp plans to add wholesale hemp to our 6,000-acre farm in the near future. As a hemp grower, we look forward to providing the raw materials necessary to create everything from food to building supplies. Hemp is a renewable, fast-growing resource that delivers high quality and strength in everything that is made from it. There are more than 200 products currently made from hemp around the world, including:

  • Hemp Clothing (Stronger Than Denim)
  • Hemp Paper
  • Hemp Rope
  • Hempcrete Bricks
  • Hemp Fuel
  • Foods
  • Building Materials
  • Moonshine

Hemp Advantages

Hemp is a very fast-growing plant, as well as one of the most versatile plants in the world. There are no insecticides necessary because pests simply don't like it. This leads to a naturally organic product, making it excellent for the environment despite what pharmaceutical and cotton companies might have you believe. You can harvest hemp by cutting the stalk and leaving the root and it will continually grow back year after year while developing a thick trunk. It even grows faster than most trees used for similar products. With hemp, the possibilities are endless — we look forward to supplying the world's hemp needs.