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Mission Statement

Stevia Nutra Corp. is using science, technology and resources to change lives, improve quality of life and extend life with innovation.

Wellness care is key to understanding our goals at Stevia. As a young company with a diverse collection of intellectual assets and access to financial solvency, we envision a company that has the ability to change lives for the better.

The key? Adaptogens. Control of resources. Motivated, highly educated staff. Affordable solutions.

If you don't know what an adaptogen is, you're not alone. It's our mission to enlighten at Stevia and its brand new ImmunoBlast division:

Adaptogens are key herbs and mushrooms that are necessary for optimal function of your body and prevention of disease. It's important to note, however, that consumer confusion about herbs, what works, what doesn't, dosing and safety is almost impossible for the general populace.

At Stevia, we want to change that. A window into the best way to prevent disease, the most appropriate herbs, best part of the plant, appropriately cultivated, extracted and formulated is our goal. With unique ties to the Veterans Administration, access to wholly owned farmland and FDA approved facilities, we have a unique stratagem to provide the best quality adaptogens, verify their efficacy and provide it to the public at affordable prices. With the ability to provide adaptogens to veterans and then assess the efficacy and make this clear to the public, we have a unique opportunity to showcase our company.

What's our goal? Optimize quality of life, rid ourselves of expensive, often toxic pharmaceuticals, and extend life through better science.

By capturing a complete process of production of the best adaptogens in the world, we envision total control of cultivation to bottling of our unique products.

Why are we unique? We know what works. In fact, our products are so effective, that we are willing to back them up with a guarantee. No other nutraceutical has ever offered a money-back guarantee that their herbal products will perform. No one. That's how much we believe in Stevia.