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Stevia's staff is a directory of motivated and highly educated individuals that are dedicated to providing a badly-needed public service. We will be answering the question: How do I live better and longer?

  1. Wm. Hill, M.D.: Renowned physician that has worked closely with veterans for decades, devoted to helping vets deal with their most troublesome issues and preventing illness.
  2. Michael Ring: Innovative horticulturalist with an impressive knowledge of mushrooms and herbs that has fabricated products that should be in every household.
  3. Tiger Vidmar: Ex-hockey star, former top producing representative for Pfizer Corp., former CEO of a number of public companies. He brings his unprecedented energy and expertise in marketing to the company
  4. Richard Goulding, M.D.: Physician/surgeon Chairman of the Board of two rising nutraceutical companies. Dr. Goulding is seizing the opportunity to broaden the ability of Stevia and to compliment the company's expertise in creation of quality products.